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McNabbist Holiday Traditions + Reading List

It’s been a crazy few weeks here in McNabblandia!  I thought I’d share with you two of my wacky holiday traditions and I ask you return the favor.

The first is a long-standing tradition.  When I was a teen, my mother and I used to drive around town in search of the best holiday yard displays.  We’d arm ourselves with hot chocolate or mint mocha’s and spend an hour driving around and enjoying holiday yard displays.  There was an occasional “oooh” or “aaah” for really good ones.  We’d have Christmas music playing on the radio (our favorite was and is “Feliz Navidad“).  It was a cheap but very nice way to spend an evening.  Now, we take my younger cousins to do the same thing.  We already have the date booked!


The second is finding a short Christmas/Holiday-related novel to read.  I base my decision on which to read based solely off the title and/or cover.  Last year, Santa Clawed by Rita Mae Brown was one of my choices.  This year, I’ve decided on The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding by Agatha Christie and The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson.  First things first, I want to know about a pudding that goes on an adventure.  I mean, who doesn’t?!  Also, I love a good mystery.  And, of course, since I’m a Crazy Cat Lady, a title that includes the word ‘cat’ automatically makes it awesome, no?  Only time will tell!


I decided to start a new tradition this year after seeing the idea RTed by Library as Incubator – Make A Book Advent Calendar.  So, I have a pile of books and graphic novels (in addition to my two holiday reading picks) I’ve set aside hoping to read them between now and January 6th.  Most of these are not holiday-related, but items I own but have never read.  Unlike the post suggesting you have one a day, I knew there was no way I could read some of these, which are novels, in one day.  So, I improvised. Have you ready any of these?

*This is the December read for the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Online Book Club.  We’d love more participants!

**This graphic novel is about one of Captain Sulu’s first runs on the Excelsior! ❤

Don’t forget to let me know your wacky holiday traditions, whether you’ve read any items in my Book Advent Calendar, and what you’re reading, watching, or playing this holiday season!


The McNabbist

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