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Dated Reviews – The Canterville Ghost (1996)

As any true McNabbist would, I began looking for a way to celebrate Halloween with some Star Trek (other than the obvious costume).  While perusing the shelves of my local library, I came across a movie called The Canterville Ghost and it caught my eye.  Why you might ask?  Because, friends, I saw the face of Sir Patrick Stewart.  Sir Patrick Stewart, as you know, was the actor behind the best Starfleet Captain in Federation History – Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  The next thought that went through my head was, “Holy crap.  Is that Neve Campbell at like 15?”  It turns out she was over 20 at the time, which really, really doesn’t seem right.

I could tell this was going to be a quality production because of the 1990s-looking DVD cover and the fact that it was based on an Oscar Wilde short story which has been remade so many times, it deserved it’s own Wikipedia page.

The movie starts with an introduction to an American mother and children forced to stay in an old castle in England with their father.  As you can imagine, the ghost of Canterville begins his hijinx almost immediately. As is often the case in these family friendly ghost movies, the eldest (Neve Campbell), automatically assumes it’s her younger brothers playing tricks on her.  Early in the film, we discover that only the children can see the ghost, not their parents.  This theme runs throughout not only movies but paranormal studies.  Of course there is a bit of a teen/young adult romance with a strapping English lad.  Overall, a pleasant and happy Halloween watch for those who don’t like horror movies.

Favorite line: “A most gratifying scream.”

Grade for a 39 year old (who likes Zombie films) watching it by herself: C

Grade for a 39 year old watching for young ones: B

Despite all this humorous banter about this movie, I have the utmost respect for Sir Patrick Stewart and enjoy his endeavors immensely.  I’m sure most of you have seen him in Star Trek: The Next Generation and in the X-Men films.  However, if you haven’t already, see Dune, Excalibur, Robin Hood: Men In TightsA Christmas Carol, Green Room, his Extras episode, Blunt Talk, and the upcoming (blockbuster) film Logan.

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-The McNabbist

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