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Creating Change. It’s Not Easy.

If you see something you don’t like, do something about it. Things don’t change because you complain to your friends or post a comment on Twitter…or even a blog. Things change because of actions we take and where we decide to spend/not to spend our money (and then being vocal as to the reasons why). Sadly, money talks volumes in our society. It gets the attention of those in control of the purse strings.

Let me give an example. Say there is an actor that you really have the hots for and he’s in this new movie that some of your friends want to see. But, you’ve heard it is very sexist and/or racist. At this point, what you need to decide is what is more important? Seeing a movie with this hot actor with your friends or deciding not to go see it because of the content. I’m not going to sugar coat this. In my opinion, if you see the movie, you ARE condoning the sexism and/or racism in the film. The film company is looking at the tickets sales and feels validated. However, I’m not telling you which should be more important to you. Only you can make that decision for yourself.

Fighting for change has never been easy. It never will be. I would even propose that it shouldn’t be. It takes sacrifice and actions, not just words. Today, those sacrifices are minimal in comparison to our forefathers or those in other parts of the world. It might mean not having those cute shoes, shopping at a particular trendy store that is selling fur, or buying video games from a particular software company known for their ever-present misogynistic storylines. In some cases, it might actually mean attending a protest  or confronting a person about their hurtful and hateful comments toward yourself or someone else. While all of these may take us slightly out of our comfort zone, to be honest, it is nothing compared to the things that people in developing nations endure on a daily basis.

How much are we as a society willing to sacrifice to make our society a more positive and less hateful and greedy place? I wait to see what the future holds.

And….stepping off of soapbox…for now.

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