While most of the events that will be/ are posted on this page will be in the Midwest USA, McNabbism can be found worldwide. So, if you see any event that you feel like McNabbists would enjoy, please let me know!

7/31/2016 – Harry Potter’s 36th Birthday!

Creation Entertainment Star Trek 50th Anniversary Convention Series – 2016

08/04/16-08/07/2016 – GenCon 2016 (Indianapolis, IN)

08/06/2016 – Get Pop Cultured: Marvel at Barnes and Noble stores throughout the US!

09/07/2016 – 50 Year Anniversary of first episode of Star Trek aired!

09/09/2016-09/11/2016 – Cincinnati ComiCon

09/09/2016-09/11/2016 – Horrorhound Weekend (Indianapolis, IN)

09/17/2016 – Batman Day

09/23/2016-09/25/2016 – Cincinnati Comic Expo

10/31/2016 – HALLOWEEN

11/08/2016 – US Election Day

More to come soon…




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