The X-Men: Movies VS Comics (PT. 2)

The much anticipated next part of this discussion by House of Geekery!

Funk's House of Geekery

I do pointless nerdy things to relax so I am breaking down the differences and similarities between the X-Men characters as they appear in the movie adaptations compared to their comic originals. Maybe you enjoy reading such pointless nerdy things and we can be friends. If you wanted to check out the core group of characters as who appeared in the first film, follow the link below to Part 1.

X-Men: Comics VS Movies Part 1

For this episode we’ll be primarily focused on the new characters introduced in the second film:X2 – X-Men United(known more sensibly outside the US as justX-Men 2). In addition we’ll also address characters who were briefly introduced in the first film but didn’t get fully established until the sequel. And with that, where better to begin than…


Playing by Alan Cumming


The Comic: Although he has spent proportionally more…

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