The McNabbist’s Reading List

Hello friends,

I’ve been reading so much, I don’t really have time for in-depth reviews, so I’m going to list everything (in alphabetical order) I’ve read in the last two weeks and provide a grade and an occasional short comment.  Entries in Fuscia are my must-read suggestions!

Aliens: Defiance, Issue No. 1 by Brian Wood (Dark Horse Comics, 2016) – Grade: B+

Comment: I can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue!

Aliens: Glass Corridor (one-shot) by David Lloyd (Dark Horse Comics, 1998) – Grade: D

Aliens: Kidnapped (three issue miniseries) by Woodring, Green, and Lopez (Dark Horse Comics, 1997) – Grade: C (The art was very Will Eisner.  The end of the story was too quick and less shocking than it should have been.)

Aliens: Stalker (one-shot) by David Wenzel (Dark Horse Comics, 1998) – Grade: C-

Comment: Really? Aliens and Vikings?  Really?

American Libraries, September/October 2016 issue

Comment: The 2016 Library Design Showcase is very interesting.  Very open designs and smart uses as space are in.  For those of us with older libraries, the article was lacking, unfortunately.

Cross Kill (Bookshot) by James Patterson – Grade: B

Comment: I’ve never read James Patterson before.  While there were a few times I rolled my eyes, those that enjoy detective mysteries should give these a go.  These bookshots are the perfect length for those whose time is limited.

Ms. Marvel, Volume 4 (trade paperback) by G. Willow Wilson – Grade: B+

Comment: A seriously underrated Marvel comic book series.  Ms. Marvel is a Pakistani-American trying to find her way through parental hurdles and combatting criminal antics.  If you aren’t xenophobic, anti-Islam, or a sexist bastard, please give this struggling series a try!

Outcast, Issue No. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him (Image Comics, 2016) – Grade: A-

Smithsonian, July/August 2016 issue, Article: High School Confidential – Grade: B

Comment: If you’re a fan of Archie Comics, this take on the evolution of Archie over time may be of interest, especially as it relates to the female characters!

Superman Aliens II: God of War (Dark Horse Comics, 4 issue miniseries) – Grade: B-

Comment:  Should have been a longer series, say six issues, so that more details and/or backstory could’ve been included.  However, Superman fighting the big bad nasty aliens ala Ripley fame, how awesome is that?  The only thing that would’ve been better is if Ripley had been there fighting alongside him!

You’re Never Weird on the Internet: A Memoir by Felicia Day  – Grade: B

Comment: Today, I finished a memoir by actress and fellow geek Felicia Day and I tell you, it was like reading a book that contained a bunch of my secrets I have about myself, except that I wasn’t home-schooled and I didn’t have a sibling.  However, the writing was much wittier than anything I could have come up with…or more than I’d been willing to share!  Much like myself, she doesn’t let her awkwardness control her.  She’s made her niche and she demands your attention.  If you like gaming, the internet, Geek & Sundry, or Felicia Day, this book is for you.  Gets a B solely because she’s a little too self-deprecating.  Kinda like me.  We can become better!!!


What I’m reading now:

Nefertiti (novel) by Michelle Moran

Update: About 1/3 of the way through.  Enjoying it for the most part, though it is a bit too heavy on the fiction.  Needs a bit more fact thrown in.  Also, Nefertiti as portrayed here makes absolutely horrible decisions and is quite the greedy woman.

What More Can I Say? (non-fiction book) by Dianna Booher


Items in the Reading Pile:

A Shameful Murder (novel) by Cora Harrison


Aliens: Hive (trade paperback) by Jerry Prosser (Dark Horse Comics, 1995)


Aliens: More Human Than Human (trade paperback) by John Arcudi (Dark Horse Comics, 2010)

Aliens: Stronghold (trade paperback) by John Arcudi (Dark Horse Comics, 1996)


Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (play) by J. K. Rowling

Ms. Marvel, Volume 4 (trade paperback) by G. Willow Wilson

The X-Files: Whirlwind (novel) by Charles Grant

X-Men: Shadows of the Past (novel) by Michael Jan Friedman





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