Uhuru Barbie – Inner Wars

Uhura [Nichelle Nichols] now has a limited edition 50th Anniversary Barbie Doll which is a must for any serious collector or hardcore Trekkie and fan of the original series.

via Uhura Barbie [50th Anniversary] — astound me: D.A. Królak

Not only am I a hardcore Trekkie, but I’m also a feminist. So, as you can imagine, Barbie and I have a rocky history.  However, my feelings about Star Trek, Uhuru, and the importance of Nichelle Nichols appearance in each episode of TOS, even if it’s just for a few minutes, are positive.

I agonized for a whole month after hearing about the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Barbies. I’d not bought a single Barbie for any little girl I’d known for the last twenty years (yeah, you heard me right!) because I wanted little girls to have toys that didn’t instill an unrealistic idea of beauty and unrealistic expectations for their own bodies.  Or should I say, I didn’t want yet another thing in their lives that instilled an unrealistic idea of beauty and unrealistic expectations for their own bodies.  However, I also want little girls to have positive role models (of which Nichelle Nichols is one), to know it’s ok to like Star Trek (it’s not just for boys!), and I want to support and promote diversity.  This was my conundrum.  The various related pros and cons were what weighed down my mind for far too long.

Friends, I just received my Uhuru Barbie a few days ago.  Yes, that’s right, I bought one.  I can’t decide whether I caved due to my inner hardcore Trekkie or whether I decided that ultimately, there were more pros than cons.  Either way, I’m so excited I’ve not even removed the tissue paper wrapping as I don’t want to damage the box.  Spock Ken will be added to the collection very soon. But, let’s be honest, I’m not getting the Kirk Ken.

Nerd XP Gained: +10

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